control) for age (49 5±8 7 vs 51 5±8 6), male gender (69 1 vs 5

control) for age (49.5±8.7 vs. 51.5±8.6), male gender (69.1 vs. 58.8%), bilirubin (13.3 [8.9-23.5] vs. 11.9 [6.9-21.5] mg/dL), INR (1.8 [1,6-2.1] vs. 1,8 [1.6-2.1]), mDF (52.3 [40.9-70.2] vs. 54 [42-68.5]) and MELD score (22.8 [21.4-26.3] vs. 22.4 [20.2-25.1]). Mean kcal intake was 2206±754 vs. 1754±656 kcal/day (p=0.001) and mean protein intake was 106±37 vs. 80±32 g/day Selleckchem Idelalisib (p<0.001). In intention-to-treat (ITT) analysis, 6-month survival was not statistically different between the two groups: 55.9 vs. 47.0% (p=0.316). In the intensive group, 43/68 (63.2%) patients received at least

80% of the planned kcal intake defined by the protocol, and were considered in the per-protocol analysis. In per-protocol analysis, 6-month survival was higher in the intensive group: 69.8 vs. 46.8% (p=0.015). In addition, mean kcal intake/kg/day > 26.4 (median value) was associated with a higher 6-month survival (68.3 vs. 42.4%, p=0.002). In ITT multivariable analysis, a mean kcal intake/kg/day > 26.4, baseline mDF, serum sodium, MELD and the Lille scores remained independently associated with 6-month survival. Conclusions. Intensive enteral nutrition by feeding tube does not improve 6-month survival in patients with severe AH. However, Ganetespib solubility dmso adequate nutritional support is associated with a better short-term prognosis.

Adequate nutritional intake should be targeted in AH patients treated with corticosteroids. Disclosures: Christophe Moreno – Consulting: Abbvie, Janssen, Gilead, MSD, Novartis, BMS; Grant/Research Support: Janssen, Gilead, Roche, MSD, Novartis, Astellas

sabelle Colle – Advisory Committees or Review Panels: MSD, Janssen, MSD, Gilead; Grant/Research Support: Bayer; Patent Held/Filed: Trombogenics; Speaking and Teaching: BMS, Janssen Hendrik Reynaert – Advisory Committees or Review Panels: MSD, Gillead, Janssen, BMS, Abbvie; Grant/Research Support: Roche Pierre Aprepitant Deltenre – Consulting: Janssen, Gilead, BMS The following people have nothing to disclose: Eric Trépo, Alexandre Louvet, Delphine Degré, Boris Bastens, Axel Hittelet, Marie-Astrid Piquet, Wim Laleman, Hans Orlent, Luc Lasser, Thomas Sersté, Peter Starkel, Xavier Dekoninck, Sergio Negrin Dastis, Jean Delwaide, Chantal de Galocsy, Sven M. Francque, Philippe Langlet, Virginie Putzeys, Thierry Gustot Background: Macrophage activation plays and important role in alcoholic liver disease (ALD). The mannose receptor (CD206, MR, MRC1), expressed primarily by subsets of macrophages and dendritic cells, is known to mediate endocytosis, antigen presentation, and induction of immune responses. A soluble form (sCD206, sMR,) has recently been identified in human serum. Aim: To study blood sCD206 and its correlation with clinical endpoints and macrophage activation marker sCD163 in patients with alcoholic liver disease.

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