In our case, diagnosis of pulmonary TB was considered only after

In our case, diagnosis of pulmonary TB was considered only after reviewing multiple histopathology sections of the tongue ulcer. In a dental outpatient setup, caution is needed while dealing with such ulcers not only to miss an important medical entity but in also to prevent transmission of infection to dental staff through respiratory inhibitor Pazopanib droplets. Footnotes Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None declared
Endodontic treatment can be one of the most difficult dental procedures a practitioner encounters during clinical practice. Due to the increase life expectancy in the population and the desire of individuals to preserve their natural teeth, there is an increasing demand for endodontic treatment and this will presumably increase in the years ahead.

This reality necessitates dental students to be satisfactorily equipped with knowledge as well as experience in endodontic procedures prior to working independently. A dental student, upon graduation should have acquired the skills to make a sound diagnosis regarding endodontic cases, implement a reasonable treatment plan and carry out a qualified and safe endodontic treatment. It is a fact that different dental schools have varying prerequisites for graduation in each dental discipline and endodontics is no exception. The number of endodontic treatments a student is obliged to complete to be eligible for graduation differs from school to school and various factors such as the proportion of patient frequency to the number of enrolled clinical students of the related dental school may have impacts on this difference.

On the other hand, there are some requirements and established competencies advocated by dental authorities and organizations that describe the minimum number of cases required to be completed prior to being licensed as a dental practitioner. An example to this is the statement in the undergraduate curriculum guidelines of the European Society of Endodontology advising the completion of root canal treatments of 20 teeth including extracted teeth prior to graduation. Meanwhile, in the same report, it is regarded essential that students should have adequate experience of the treatment of endodontic emergencies.[1] Although quality of the completed work is a very significant parameter in deciding whether a student has gained enough proficiency, it is generally accepted that the more cases a dental student encounters during educational years, the more prepared he or she will be in terms of endodontic practice in the years of working independently.

There are numerous references in the dental literature regarding the quality and outcome of endodontic treatments carried out by dental students; however, there is scarce information regarding the Carfilzomib way students perceive the branch of endodontology and their level of self-confidence about various aspects of endodontic treatment with respect to their future practice.

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