It is concluded that smart attackers can successfully disrupt the

It is concluded that smart attackers can successfully disrupt the entire communication channel in the network.The rest of the paper is categorized into six sections. Section 2 and Section 3 outline the major security issues and threats in WBAN. Section 4 describes the IEEE 802.15.4 security framework for WBAN. In Section 5, we identify possible attacks on the IEEE 802.15.4 superframe structure. Section 6 presents simulation results. The final section concludes our work.2.?Security Issues and RequirementsA WBAN is a special type of network which shares some characteristics with traditional WSNs but differs in many others such as strict security and low-power consumption. It is mandatory to understand the type of WBAN applications before the integration of a suitable security mechanism.

The correct understanding will lead us towards a strong security mechanism that will protect the system from possible threats. The key security requirements in WBANs are discussed below.2.1. Data ConfidentialityLike WSNs, Data confidentiality is considered to be the most important issue in WBANs. It is required to protect the data from disclosure. WBANs should not leak patient��s vital information to external or neighbouring networks. In medical applications, the nodes collect and forward sensitive data to the coordinator. An adversary can eavesdrop on the communication, and can overhear the critical information. This eavesdropping may cause severe damage to the patient since the adversary can use the acquired data for many illegal purposes.

The standard approach to protect the data secure is to encrypt it with a secure key that can only be decrypted by the intended receivers. The use of symmetric key Cilengitide encryption is the most reliable for WBANs since public-key cryptography is too costly for the energy-constraint sensor nodes.2.2. Data IntegrityKeeping the data confidential does not protect it from external modifications. An adversary can always alter the data by adding some fragments or by manipulating the data within a packet. This packet can later be forwarded to the coordinator. Lack of data integrity mechanism is sometimes very dangerous especially in case of Brefeldin_A life-critical events (when emergency data is altered). Data loss can also occur due to bad communication environment.2.3. Data AuthenticationIt confirms the identity of the original source node. Apart from modifying the data packets, the adversary can also change a packet stream by integrating fabricated packets. The coordinator must have the capability to verify the original source of data.

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